36W Germicidal Quartz UV Lamp

36W Germicidal Quartz UV Lamp

36W Germicidal Quartz UV Lamp

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Category UV LIGHTS
Model No. ITQ-UVC-T8-36W
Warrantee (in yrs) 1
Lead Time Immediate
In Stock
Category T8
Wattage 36W
Wattage Group 16W - 40W
Description 36W Germicidal Quartz UVC Lamp Tube Length - 1198mm, diameter - 25mm, base -G13 Material - Quartz Glass Wattage - 36W Current - 440mA Voltage - 103V UV O/P - @1M - 148uw/sq.m. @ surface - 13W Product Features - Short wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7nm(UVC) for disinfection purpose. - Protective inside coating ensures constant UV output over the complete life time of lamp. - Ozone or Ozone Free optional - Ozone Option - Ozone quartz lamp emits eneregy at 185nm in addition to the 253.7nm wavelength. The UV emission at 185 is absorbed by oxygen in the air producing ozone. Ozone kills microorganisms and breakdown chloramines by oxidation. - Compatible electronic ballast available from iTvis.

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